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Your Gift Card Issuer

The gift cards in the Groupon, Inc. Gift Card program are issued by CARDCO CX, Inc. or its affiliate ("CARDCO CX, Inc."). The gift cards are distributed and/or sold by Groupon, Inc. ("Groupon, Inc.") in accordance with an agreement reached between CARDCO CX, Inc. and Groupon, Inc. Pursuant to that agreement, the gift cards are redeemable by the card owners to purchase Groupon Credits and/or Groupon Vouchers at

As the Card Issuer, CARDCO CX, Inc. is the sole obligor with respect to the gift cards. CARDCO CX, Inc. may assign its duties. Upon that event, the assignee will become the Card Issuer of the gift cards and the obligor on the gift cards. Any such assignment will occur without notice to the card owners. If the terms and conditions so provide, the assignment will be without recourse to CARDCO CX, Inc. If so, assignee will become the sole obligor with respect to the gift cards upon the assignment, and CARDCO CX, Inc. will cease to be an obligor with respect to the gift cards.