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Terms and Conditions

Your Groupon, Inc. Gift Card is subject to and governed by terms and conditions that are stated or described on the back of the gift card. You should read and be familiar with these terms. Your gift card is issued by the Card Issuer, and the terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the Card Issuer and you. Your Groupon, Inc. Gift Card:

Is redeemable ONLY up to the available balance of your gift card. Any purchase amount greater than the available balance of your gift card must be paid with an alternative method of payment (for example, through use of a credit card).

Is redeemable to purchase Groupon Credits and/or Groupon Vouchers ONLY at Therefore, your gift card is not redeemable at other merchants.

Is redeemable to purchase ONLY Groupon Credits and/or Groupon Vouchers. Therefore, unless otherwise required by law, your gift card is not redeemable for cash or for credit. See Tip 6, Tips On Use.

Is NOT subject to replacement if lost, stolen or damaged. Therefore, you will bear the risk of loss with respect to a lost, stolen or damaged gift card.

Additional terms and restrictions apply, see the card back.

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The issuer of your card is CARDCO CX, Inc. See Card Issuer.